For most people they only get married once or twice in their lifetime, so when it comes to planning a wedding they either have to jump into the deep-end, or they may rely on the advice of family or friends (who themselves may have only been married the once or often never been married). When you hire an experienced wedding-coordinator, you are leaving nothing to chance, and taking advantage of all their experience to know which vendors you should consider, and which you should steer clear of.  This is where Kerry Blu Wedding Services comes in! Take a look at all of the services below that we can help you with….


When you think of wedding receptions you think delicious food, right? I know we do! Are you more of a buffet style kind of couple? Or maybe you want a fancy sit down dinner served to your guests. Regardless of your wants and needs, we can plan it all. Here at Kerry Blu Wedding Services, we get just how important having the correct type of food at your wedding is. Let us handle the stress and hassle of working with the chefs and caterers. Just let us know what kind of menu and style you desire, and we will handle it all for you. We would never allow a food problem ruin your day!

Wedding Cakes

We help our clients choose, taste, and design their dream wedding cake. From the filling, do you want buttercream or perhaps chocolate? Then, of course, there are the cake flavors to choose from, do you like vanilla or maybe something more intricate and fancy like white chocolate raspberry? We will also take care of all the wedding cake table decor and final delivery of the cake to your venue. We work directly with the bakery, so you don’t have to! We make sure our clients are more than happy with their wedding cake, because what’s a wedding without the perfect cake?


A florist is a vital part of your wedding day. From choosing centerpieces to your bouquets, it may all seem a bit overwhelming but trust us, with our help you won’t be overwhelmed at all. Maybe you don’t know where to start looking for a florist? Or perhaps you already have a florist you love. Either way, whatever the situation, we will take care of it for you. Here at Kerry Blu Wedding Services, we handle all the communication between you and your hired florist to make sure there is consistency and to avoid any type of confusion over flowers or unneeded stress on your big day.

Limo Service

Let’s talk about transportation, where do you even begin right? First, what kind of transportation do you want? Do you want a traditional limo, or maybe something more prominent, perhaps a limo bus? We will help you decide what type of transportation you need, and we will take care of booking it and making sure it arrives on time to pick you and your guests up for your big day! Transport is an integral part of your day, and we make sure you won’t be late! We work with and know about multiple transportation services, so anything you desire, we have you covered!

Wedding Gowns

Oh, the dress! One of the essential parts of a bride’s day! Nothing is more important to a bride than her dress. You may not need any assistance in this department, you may only want your close friends helping out here, or maybe you want this to be your own unique decision. That’s great, but if you do require some assistance, we are happy to attend appointments at the bridal shop with you, or merely offer our opinion on assorted dress styles from photos you show us. Regardless if want help or you go it alone in this department, we know you will look stunning!

Tuxedo Hire

Confused as to where to start looking for your soon-to-be spouses tuxedo? Don’t fear! Our wedding planners can help with this too! Do you want to be pleasantly surprised when you see him walk down the aisle and you need a professional to attend the fitting with him? No problem – that’s what we do! Are you having trouble deciding on the colors for the groomsman? We can handle that too! From the tux fitting to your spouse walking down the aisle we will make sure that your betrothed will look and feel they’re very best for your special day!

Makeup Artists

Worried about your makeup for the big day? Don’t be! We know you want to look your very best when you walk down that aisle. Here at Kerry Blu Wedding Services, we have all the connections. We will be able to locate and book the best makeup artists for you and your bridesmaids. We can’t have the ladies stressed out before the big day! As a bride, we want you to feel like the queen that you are on this momentous occasion. Let us help you find the perfect makeup artist!


Professional photography is the key to a beautiful wedding day! Beautiful photographs will help you memorialize this special occasion forever. You don’t know what you want. You are asking yourself a million questions. How many photos? How much will it cost? Do I have to pay upfront? How long will they stay and take photographs? And on and on. Don’t stress! We will help you get all your questions answered, and we will help you find and hire the perfect photographer for your special day


There aren’t many things in this life that are better than watching your wedding day years from now. This is why hiring a professional videographer is so essential. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your future children were able to sit down and watch their parents get married years after it happened? But maybe you have no idea how to find a videographer? No worries. We have connections! We will help you find and hire the perfect person to record and memorialize your special day.

Honeymoon vacation


After all of the hard work and stress of planning your big day, there is nothing better than a honeymoon to help you wind down before you get down to the business of married life. Our job at Kerry Blu Wedding Services is to ensure your honeymoon goes according to plan and it doesn’t add stress instead of relieve it. Our relationships with travel agents means we inside information that others may not have, and you can be sure that we’ll be using this to your advantage when we work with you.


Do you and your ladies need some pampering before the big day? Of course, you do! Let us help you find the perfect salon and spa. Tired of all the planning? Worried? Stressed? It’s time for a massage and some help from us here at Kerry Blu Wedding Services. From facials to pedicures, maybe even a new hairdo, whatever you desire, we can find the best salon and spa for all your needs and then book for you! All you have to do is tell us what you want, and we will take care of the rest!

Wedding Planners

Do you need help finding the perfect wedding planner? We understand that when you begin to plan a wedding, it can be very overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be though! Your wedding must be happy, exciting, and beautiful, not stressful, worrisome or just totally crazy. Here at Kerry Blu Wedding Services, we will work with you and your spouse to find your perfect match! Your wedding is so important, so we will do our very best to find you the best wedding planner to help with your big day!